I screamed. A voice came out. Resonated the thousand beatings brought by the wretchedness of not having you hear my sound. I screamed louder. Consuming what’s left in my lungs. But the wind diffused the sentences I blurted out into words. The words into letters. The letters into lines. Lines into forms. Forms that I cannot decode.

I ran. As fast as I could. To a place where I felt you were present. I ran at my top of my rapidity not seeing the beauty of the grassland I was running on. Letting every tree with leaves that chant the most beautiful music just pass my peripheral. Ignoring the magnificent sky and the arresting sunset that illuminate the ground I traverse. I ran as fast as I could. But you ran faster.

Everything I did, I did in vain…

The skies bled. I found comfort in the embrace of the clouds’ tears. So I never took shade…

The heavy rain and the howling wind overshadow and condense my passing out voice. Puddles prevail the grassland. But still, I ran. Leaving my feet heavy with mud. Making it heavier than my heart. I screamed and chased you with everything that’s left of me. But I was abandoned by my fate to no avail.

I could’ve delved myself into silence. I could’ve remained static and motionless. I could’ve taken shelter from the rain that mimicked my tears. I could’ve simply waited for you to get tired of running away. I could’ve simply waited for you to come back….

But I didn’t….

Well I know you wont, but just in case you do come back…

I could tell you right in the face…

I gave my all.


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